Harris H. Uris Iron Works

Harris H. Uris Iron Works – 525-527-529 West 26th Street N.Y.
Location:  46 West 74th Street, south side, a few steps from Central Park West.
I actually found this coal chute cover when I was scoping out the locale via Google Maps!

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Here is the book that probably got me very interested in the cast iron buildings and coal chute covers.  Written by Margot Gayle, a preservationist who fittingly lived to a productive 100 years.

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Design Underfoot

One of the prime resource for coal chute covers is this book by Diana Stuart.  I can spend hours just perusing through these pages and try to visit the locations of them so that I may photograph them myself.  But I have one gripe with book – some if the information such as the address are incorrect.  The other day I went in search of a coal chute supposedly at 131 Bedford Street in the West Village, but there is no such address.  Also, why not pay some attention and not show the photos upside down?

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“Jacob Mark Sons – Worth St.” – Coal Chute Cover

Located on the Southwest side of 253 Broadway and Warren Street.  There is a generic grill coal chute cover right next to this gem.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Foundry123!  I am always fascinated by old buildings.  It most likely may have started with this book – a 2nd edition (?) which came out in 1978.  There are four (4) editions in all – 1967, 1978, 1988, 2000 and 2010.  I spent countless hours perusing the pages.  The aim of this blog is to try to locate and catalog all founders’ marks from cast iron buildings in NYC and surrounding areas.

AIA Guide to New York City

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